Indiana, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ALDRIDGE, Margaret  Abt 1821Indiana, USA I16481 Munro 
2 ANTRIM, Fred Norman  12 Mar 1901Indiana, USA I65434 Munro 
3 BLACK, Nancy Agnes  1840Indiana, USA I9465 Munro 
4 CHENOWETH, Norene  1895Indiana, USA I22875 Munro 
5 GILLET, Abraham  Abt 1824Indiana, USA I37400 Munro 
6 GILLET, Anne  Abt 1826Indiana, USA I37793 Munro 
7 GILLET, Isaac  Abt 1826Indiana, USA I37794 Munro 
8 GILLET, Joshua  Abt 1834Indiana, USA I37796 Munro 
9 GILLET, Viola  Abt 1832Indiana, USA I37795 Munro 
10 HAM, Anna Eliza  Abt 1837Indiana, USA I38344 Munro 
11 HAM, Charles  Aug 1859Indiana, USA I25105 Munro 
12 HAM, George  Abt 1843Indiana, USA I38268 Munro 
13 HAM, John  Abt 1848Indiana, USA I38345 Munro 
14 HAM, Mary C.  Abt 4 Apr 1840Indiana, USA I38269 Munro 
15 MCCANN, George  Abt 1863Indiana, USA I38347 Munro 
16 MONROE  Abt 1846Indiana, USA I17693 Munro 
17 MONROE, Charles Berton  7 Feb 1832Indiana, USA I19226 Munro 
18 MONROE, Charles Ridgway  18 Oct 1875Indiana, USA I18600 Munro 
19 MONROE, Charlie  Abt 1880Indiana, USA I38677 Munro 
20 MONROE, Clara  Abt 1886Indiana, USA I38680 Munro 
21 MONROE, Edwin Clark  28 Jul 1877Indiana, USA I18601 Munro 
22 MONROE, Emeline  Abt 1884Indiana, USA I38679 Munro 
23 MONROE, Florence A. H.  11 Sep 1885Indiana, USA I18605 Munro 
24 MONROE, George  Abt 1827Indiana, USA I2074 Munro 
25 MONROE, George C.  25 Apr 1839Indiana, USA I17683 Munro 
26 MONROE, John  Abt 1890Indiana, USA I38682 Munro 
27 MONROE, Lulu  Abt 1878Indiana, USA I38676 Munro 
28 MONROE, Mamie  Abt 1882Indiana, USA I38678 Munro 
29 MONROE, Mildred  Abt 1888Indiana, USA I38681 Munro 
30 MONROE, Minnie Pearl  3 Jun 1881Indiana, USA I18603 Munro 
31 MONROE, Orrin  Abt 1844Indiana, USA I17692 Munro 
32 TRIBBLE, Maria Louise  20 Apr 1828Indiana, USA I9462 Munro 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 MONROE, Charles Ridgway  15 May 1880Indiana, USA I18600 Munro 
2 MONROE, Cora Griffith  1924Indiana, USA I65029 Munro 
3 MONROE, Fred K.  6 Dec 1960Indiana, USA I18604 Munro 
4 MONROE, Minnie Pearl  13 Mar 1886Indiana, USA I18603 Munro 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 MONROE, Alexander Ross  Indiana, USA I65027 Munro