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Quick Facts

Crest Badge:

An engle displayed wings inverted, proper

Tartan Ancient, Modern, Red & Black, plus the rights to wear “Black Watch”
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Motto: Dread God
Origin of Name: Gaelic – Mac an Rothaich (man from Ro)

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Plant Badge: Common club moss
CMA USA Recognized Surnames: Monro,Monroe,Munro,Munroe
CMA USA Recognized Septs: Dingwall, Foulis, MacCulloch, MacLullich, Vass
Applicants must bear the name Munro by birth or descent in one of
its various spellings (Munro, Monro, Munroe, Monroe, etc.) or of the Septs (Foulis, Dingwall, Vass,
MacCulloch or MacLullich) by birth or descent, or be in sympathy with the objects of the Association.