Rhode Island, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Catherine  Abt 1828Rhode Island, USA I14997 Munro 
2 Fanny  Abt 1800Rhode Island, USA I14599 Munro 
3 Julia  Abt 1820Rhode Island, USA I15128 Munro 
4 Louisa  Abt 1810Rhode Island, USA I14971 Munro 
5 Mary A.  Abt 1859Rhode Island, USA I37513 Munro 
6 Matilda  Abt 1817Rhode Island, USA I14984 Munro 
7 Orpa  1800Rhode Island, USA I15387 Munro 
8 Phebe C.  Abt 1808Rhode Island, USA I15739 Munro 
9 CHACE, Mary Ann  Abt 1802Rhode Island, USA I14799 Munro 
10 CLARK, Herbert A  2 Jun 1888Rhode Island, USA I65129 Munro 
11 KING, Amelia Olney  1842Rhode Island, USA I4324 Munro 
12 LEONARD, Susan  27 Oct 1817Rhode Island, USA I14977 Munro 
13 MONROE, Alfred H.  Abt 1815Rhode Island, USA I1913 Munro 
14 MONROE, Alice  Abt 1872Rhode Island, USA I37506 Munro 
15 MONROE, Amelia F.  Abt 1841Rhode Island, USA I14974 Munro 
16 MONROE, Blanche A.  Abt 1871Rhode Island, USA I21042 Munro 
17 MONROE, Christian  Abt 1878Rhode Island, USA I37510 Munro 
18 MONROE, Cory  Abt 1834Rhode Island, USA I15132 Munro 
19 MONROE, Desire B.  Abt 1811Rhode Island, USA I15033 Munro 
20 MONROE, Edward B.  Abt 1874Rhode Island, USA I37508 Munro 
21 MONROE, Ellen  Abt 1836Rhode Island, USA I15133 Munro 
22 MONROE, Frances  Abt 1848Rhode Island, USA I14821 Munro 
23 MONROE, Frank N.  Abt 1873Rhode Island, USA I37507 Munro 
24 MONROE, Gilbert  Abt 1843Rhode Island, USA I14600 Munro 
25 MONROE, Hannah H.  1833Rhode Island, USA I4317 Munro 
26 MONROE, James  Abt 1830Rhode Island, USA I15131 Munro 
27 MONROE, John A.  Abt 1836Rhode Island, USA I14972 Munro 
28 MONROE, John H.  21 Nov 1810Rhode Island, USA I14976 Munro 
29 MONROE, Louisa  Abt 1838Rhode Island, USA I14973 Munro 
30 MONROE, Lucinda  Abt 1876Rhode Island, USA I37509 Munro 
31 MONROE, Mary A.  1834Rhode Island, USA I4318 Munro 
32 MONROE, Mary A.  Abt 1866Rhode Island, USA I21041 Munro 
33 MONROE, Mary J.  Abt 1842Rhode Island, USA I14975 Munro 
34 MONROE, Sanra  Abt 1828Rhode Island, USA I15130 Munro 
35 MONROE, Sarah A.  Abt 1870Rhode Island, USA I37505 Munro 
36 MONROE, Simon  Abt 1822Rhode Island, USA I15129 Munro 
37 MONROE, Thomas  Abt 1818Rhode Island, USA I15127 Munro 
38 MONROE, William A.  Abt 1845Rhode Island, USA I14820 Munro 
39 MONROE, William B. W.  Abt 1819Rhode Island, USA I14255 Munro 
40 MORRIS, Marcy Ann  22 Feb 1809Rhode Island, USA I4315 Munro 
41 WILSON, John  1822Rhode Island, USA I25110 Munro 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 MUNRO, Bennett  17 Apr 1786Rhode Island, USA I181 Munro 
2 MUNRO, Edward  21 Jun 1747Rhode Island, USA I182 Munro 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 CLARK, Amos Montgomery  9 Nov 1900Rhode Island, USA I65127 Munro 
2 CLARK, Herbert A  Jul 1964Rhode Island, USA I65129 Munro 
3 KING, Amelia Olney  22 Feb 1915Rhode Island, USA I4324 Munro 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Munro / Fish  23 Sep 1828Rhode Island, USA F3674 Munro 
2 Munro / Gladding  16 May 1808Rhode Island, USA F2739 Munro 
3 Munro / Harding  6 May 1810Rhode Island, USA F4219 Munro 
4 Munro / Luther  6 Sep 1821Rhode Island, USA F13958 Munro