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Clan Munro USA welcomes everyone interested in their Scottish Heritage! Inside our website visitors and members can learn about our clan's history, past gatherings and upcoming events

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2019 HighLand Games / Munro will be

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Munro Clan Tent
Month Game
March  SaltWater Highland Games, SC
  Host: John and Cynthia Lemon
April San Antonio Highland Games, TX
  Host: Scott Monroe
April 6-9, 2019
   Tallahassee Scottish Highland Games, FL
  Host: Jim & Oneida Monroe 
  Rural Hill Scottish Festival & Loch Norman Highland Games, NC 
  Host: Lindsey & Connie Fowler 
  Highlands in the Burg, MO
  Host: Lindsey & Connie Fowler 
  Woodland Celtic Games and Festival, CA
  Host: Tom Munro
May Savannah Scottish Games & Highland Gathering, GA
  Host: Bruce & Debbie Monroe 
  Smokey Mountain Scottish Festival & Highland Games, TN
  Host: Paul Rohe 
  Rio Grande Valley Celtic Festival & Highland Games, NM
  Host: Dave Munro & Judith Wood 
  Alma Highland Festival, MI
  Host: Andrew Munro
  Bellingham Scottish Highland Games, WA
  Host: James E. Monroe
June Modesto Highland Games and Gathering of the Clans, CA
  Host: {open for new Host} 
  Kansas City Scottish Highland Games, MO
  Host: Kimber & Steve Davis
  Rhode Island Scottish Highland Festival, RI
  Host: Everett & Sara Munro
  Blairsville Scottish Festival & Highland Games, GA
  Host: Don & Ann Monroe 
  San Diego Highland Games & Gathering of Clans, CA
  Host: Bill & Tina Jarrard
  Ohio Scottish Games and Festival of the Arts, OH
  Host: David Lee & Anita Monroe
July Round High Highland Games, CT
  Host: Everett & Sara Munro
  Grandfather Mountain Highland Games, NC
  Host: Allison Alger & Heather Daniel
  Skagit Valley Highland Games, WA
  Host: James E. Monroe
  Pacific NW Scottish Games and Clan Gathering WA
  Host: Todd Monroe


Scholarship Application 2020

Scottish Dancing, Fiddling, Piping, and Drumming
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Clan Munro Publications On DVD

Clan Munro USA is now offering for sale a DVD containing all the publications
of the various Clan Munro societies worldwide.
In all some 287 editions dating back to 1939.

Publication Source Years
Clan Munro Australia.. 1995 - 2016
Clan Munro Canada.. 1974 - 2016
Clan Munro Scotland.. 1939 - 2014
Clan Munro USA, Munro Eagle... 1969 - 2016
Clan Munro USA Eagle Flier.. 1996 - 2016

To Obtain this Data rich DVD send $15 USD
by mail to the following:

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Richard Munro
140 Eastbury
Wiliamsburg, VA 23188

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